Don Bushell, Attorney.

Licensed in Washington State for any legal matter. Also licensed in California.

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Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney. Contesting probate.

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Real Estate

Transaction planning, oversight and coordination.

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Personal Injury

Plaintiff's or defendant's attorney. Case assessment. Statute of limitations analysis.

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Estate Planning.

Is it time to document your estate plan? If you are a person with a typical estate, I'll provide the basic estate planning documents, including a trust, a will, health care power of attorney, and durable power of attorney. You’ll probably rest easier when we’re done. If you need your existing estate plan modified, I can help there too.

A trust is a fairly simple and flexible way to establish your estate plan. A revocable trust has a lot of advantages because you can change it, hence the term revocable. A will is more difficult to challenge than is a trust because a will takes effect upon your death and there are numerous technicalities in creating a will. A trust can be used to distribute your estate both while you are alive and after your death, while a will operates only after death. A trust is the most flexible legal instrument available because it's subject to the rules written into the trust document, which your trustee must follow. A trust can be created where the same person creating the trust, the settlor or trustor, also acts as the trustee, and is a beneficiary as well. A trust is very flexible and can be even be cancelled. Trusts can be used to benefit charitable causes.

Real Estate and Contracts

So many people get involved with real estate deals that don't turn out the way they want. Prevent unwanted outcomes by hiring me before you decide to buy or sell. My services will be inexpensive and will benefit you a great deal. Selling property is all about the creation and execution of a contract. A contract requires mutual assent and consideration. When someone sells something and the buyer is unaware of a defect in the property, it can be argued that there was no mutual assent between the parties and the contract should be rescinded. So, if you are involved in a transaction and you are unhappy about it, contact me right away to preserve your rights in context of the statute of limitations.

Many contracts are intended to form long-term relationships between people. Let's get that relationship off on the right foot. I can draft the contract for your or help you enforce, modify or end, the contract you already have.

Are you selling property that is more complicated that the typical grant deed? Maybe there are life estates, reversions, or remainders involved. Give me a call to discuss these less frequently occurring conveyances.

Personal Injury

If you've suffered an injury to your person or reputation, let's discuss how we can get compensation for your loss. Sometimes it may be necessary to get a court order to force someone to cease creating a nuisance or some activity harmful to you personally.

It's very important to know how the statute of limitations affects your rights. It's also important to understand how time consuming and costly legal matters can be before you conclude a lawsuit is the way to proceed.. There are several strategies to deal with a personal injury claim, including settlement discussions or formal litigation. While settlement discussions are sometimes fruitful, it can also be a stalling tactic of your opponent. Meanwhile, the clock still ticks on the statute of limitations, and you must always be ready to file your claim with a court before the clock expires..

Call me to discuss any of the following topics: auto-accident cases, defamation cases, invasion of privacy, nuisance, medical malpractice, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, bullying, threats against your person, unwanted touching, and any other act against your interests.