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Don Bushell, Attorney at Law.

Thanks for visiting my website. I would like to be your trusted business advisor in the Kent, Covington, and Auburn areas of South King County, Seattle area, Washington state. Here are the areas of law I can help you with.

  • Business Formation
  • Software Licensing
  • Contract Drafting
  • Breach of Contract lawsuits
  • Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Music publishing
Where to research the various types of intellectual property:
  • Trademarks: Brands for goods and services www.uspto.gov
  • Patents protect inventions www.uspto.gov
  • Copyright protects original artistic works www.copyright.gov
  • Domains (no protection as to brand) www.internic.net
  • Business name (no protection as to brand) sos.wa.gov
Federal trademark registration benefits include.
  1. Legal ownership presumed
  2. Exclusive rights presumed
  3. Puts public on notice of ownership
  4. Listed in USPTO's database
  5. Record trademark with US CBP Customs and Border Protection
  6. Legal right to bring action in fed court
  7. Use registration as foreigh filing
  8. Able to use federal registration symbol
  • Not every mark registers due to lack of compliance with laws and rules
  • Registered marks can be challenged by other parties
Challenges and Common pitfalls
  • Likelihood of confusion between your mark and another mark because mark is similar, look alike, sound alike, similar meaning, goods or services alike or related
  • Example might be X-SEED, agricultural seed, and EXCEED, Live plants. They sound the same. Refused.
A trademark clearance search needs to be performed.
  1. TESS - Trademark Electronis Search System
  2. State trademark databases
  3. Business name databases
  4. Web search (Similar marks, similar goods and services)
  5. Hire a trademark attorney to do the search and evaluate the search results
  6. TMIS Trademark information system is used for this purpose.

Licensed to practice law in Washington under license #54098.

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Licensed to practice law in California under license #303103.

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Accredited Attorney with the Veterans Administration under license #43231

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