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Don Bushell, Esq. reviews and testimonials page page.

These are mostly google reviews. If you go to google and search for Don Bushell Attorney, you should see these reviews. However, not all reviews are visible on Google, so I have taken screenshots of the reviews and placed them here. For example, one of my clients in southern California sees a completely different google page for me, versus what people see in the Seattle area.

This review was posted in mid April, 2019 and involved a commercial lease.

This review was posted in early April, 2019 and involved a probate matter.

This review was posted in January, 2019 and was in relation to an estate planning matter.

My son and I are deeply grateful to Mr. Don Bushell for his excellent service and dedication. His expertise has been very decisive to our case, and we hereby recommend him without reservation.

Posted on Google in January, 2019

I first called Don Bushell when I was in need of legal representation for my daughter who was given violations while at her out of state college that I felt was wrongly given and needed legal attention. Within minutes of explaining my concern Don understood exactly how I felt about the situation And knew how to address this in a manner to get the attention we needed. What i appreciate is Don’s quick response, Don’s quick attention to detail and the interest he shows in trying to make things right. Don offers a wide range of different legal services and I love the fact that I can say I have a lawyer that I can call whenever I need anything legally accomplished. I will continue to use Don not only in my personal life but in my career as well and recommend him to my clients for any of their legal situations that apply. Thank you Don for listening to me and addressing the situation without making me feel that it wasn’t important or worth your time like some have in the past. Hiring a lawyer can been very intimidating experience and I never felt I didn’t understand or that my request wasn’t important. I highly recommend Don Bushell. Posted on Google in December, 2018.

Don, You are a thorough and ethical attorney and a rarity nowadays; an advocate who understands the separation between advocating for the client and making things personal. Take care, Karl D. Warden, JD, LLM, Nashville, TN A private review from an opposition attorney, written in 2016

Don is a professional litigator and gets things done. -- Narak Mirzaie An Avvo.com review from an opposition attorney, written in 2016